Systems & Chairs: Value Added Assemblies Since the Early 80's

Since the start of OEM Controls in 1966, the focus was to provide high quality equipment needs. The company grew and OEM Controls has been providing custom enclosures, control system assemblies, arm chairs, and pods since the early 80's. We realized early on that this value added service would be a great benefit to our customers, and we certainly watched the demand grow immensely. By utilizing our in house engineering, fabrication, military style welding, custom harness machinery, and openness to our customer specific needs, we are able to help give our customers exactly what they want in a product that is constructed to perform at a high level and ability.

Over the years we have gained partnerships with various industrial leaders through which we are now able to provide complete control stations, chairs, control pods, joysticks, and electronics giving our customers custom solutions in motion. 

chairTurnkey Panel System

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