RS Controller: The Unsung Hero


Rotary Switch

RS1 Switch

While not as glamorous as the joystick with a multi-function handle, it is still one of the most rugged, versatile controllers of its type. The RS Controller, also known as as the rotary switch controller, stems from the original product line that OEM Controls brought to market. We quickly adapted to the contact only device for proportional control. The RS controller, while simple in design, can be adapted to do multiple functions. By design it is a throttle or speed control device, but with the optional detent position, custom name plates, and customizable high current contacts it can be transformed from a basic proportional speed setting controller to a versatile hall effect CAN bus controller with auxiliary position specific contacts. We praise and respect the longevity and ruggedness of the controller that has been offered since we opened our doors 50 years ago. 

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