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OEM Controls has been the leader in design and development of electrohydraulic controllers and control systems since our establishment in 1966. We configure each product to individual customer specifications using field-proven components, a long list of available options, and state-of-the-art engineering expertise. Our core products include single and multi-axis joysticks and controllers, ergonomically designed multi-grip handles, electronic valve driver boards, microprocessor-based logic controllers and integrated panel systems.  We provide what our customers want, not just what we have in our catalogs.

OEM’s headquarter is in Shelton, Connecticut and we employ over 200 people. Our blog is an easy way of keeping new and existing customers updated on our latest products and in the loop with current events!

12 02, 2014

OEM's First Blog Post

By OEM | February 12, 2014 |

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This is our first blog post since we opened in 1966. How times have changed! Over the years, we've continually improved our company and our products. OEM's headquarter in Shelton, Connecticut is 75,000 square feet, and we employ over 200 people! We...


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