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OEM Controls produces only high quality industrial products however hardware has limits in the environments that they endure and after time they need to be replaced. It can be a hassle to contact a sales rep, send your product in to our company, and then have us ship it out. Although, you are still more than welcome to do such we also acknowledge that that process can take time that not everyone has. To offer convenience for this need OEM Controls has a Spare Parts site that you can use as a resource to find and purchase just the parts that you need that make up many of our joystick controller, foot pedal, rotary switch, and handle configurations. With this new platform you can now access these spare parts you need 24/7/365 with just a few clicks. This will cut down the time it would take to repair the products in our house and allow your highly capable team to make the repair right on site.

When using OEM Controls Spare Parts site you have access to pricing, quantity, see which products of ours these parts fit, and view additional information such as SKU, weight, and descriptions. You will also be presented with related products to assist in your search. To make it even easier you are able to sort and shop by part, product, category and if that isn’t enough you have the option to type in your search in the search bar and be presented with results. Once you find what you are looking for simply add to cart, fill out the forms of the information requested and complete your order.

Please keep in mind that these parts have guaranteed compatibility with OEM Controls' line of products but may not work on products from outside companies. If you have any concerns about fit you still have the option to send your piece in to have our experienced engineer team work on it. OEM Controls customer service team will continue to be available for you to assist with identifying the correct spare part or product, and to help you place an order for a product that you may not see on the site or that may not be available online.

The OEM Controls Spare Parts Store can be accessed via the following link:
For questions regarding the store or additional assistance, contact us directly.

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