OEM Product Cleaning Guidelines

OEM Controls has always maintained a clean warehouse and production process for all of our joysticks and controllers, foot pedals, chair systems, and more. These products are meant to endure all environmental conditions, however in order to maintain their conditions it is recommended that they be occasionally cleaned. We received requests from customers asking about our suggested cleaning guidelines so we have decided to publicly share this information for all. 

Here are suggestions that minimize adverse effects on component surfaces:

Soap and water (use per Health Organization Guidelines)
70% Isopropyl alcohol (Isopropanol pre-packaged wipe cloth)
Non-bleach disinfecting wipes (preferred) or spray.
• Avoid solvent-based solutions and bleach.

We recommend additional precautions for the cleaning of displays:

• The use of abrasive cleansers or solvents may damage the display window.
Do not scrub the display window.
• Do not use brushes on the display window.

Clean the display by performing the following procedure:

• Turn the machine off.
• Use a clean sponge or use a soft cloth when cleaning the display.
• Clean the display with a mild soap or detergent or other products deemed safe for monitors/displays.
• To avoid water spots, dry the display with a chamois or clean towel.

For concerns regarding the proper methods for disinfecting equipment in light of COVID-19, OEM Controls, Inc. and OEM Data Delivery defer to guidelines set forth by the CDC and WHO.

You can view the above guidelines on our website HERE.
OR you can download these guidelines HERE.

If you have any further questions regarding our cleaning suggestions, our products, or our company please CONTACT US directly and our team will be happy to assist you.

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