Push Button vs Keypad

Our line of joystick controllers features various designs that are targeted at addressing concerns we have heard consistently across various industries. The face of our controllers are specifically designed to allow for ease of use, minimize wear and tear, allow for optimum functionality, and relieve stress from the operator. You will see that many of our controllers are built with either PUSHBUTTONS or KEY PADS. The choice is based on preference and requirements needed to operate the vehicle to the best of its ability. All buttons or keys can be customized to perform different functions on the equipment and can be placed however you see fit that will minimize tension or strain to the operator. Having the ability to do this should increase productivity in the field. Before you decide which face type is best for you we want you to know the differences in each option. 

Our Multi-Grip Handles with pushbuttons are built using blank stock handle shells. There is a mass inventory of components available for this design and can be quickly delivered through quick configuration and modifications using a 5-axis machine milling. You will also have the option to brand the control with decals in specific layouts. Our Multi-Grip Handles with keypads are built on existing handle designs or custom shapes based on your needs and specifications. There are a variety of button pressures for they pads as well as a variety of custom layouts. You will be able to have LED lighting on this controller whether you chose to have it  on individual buttons or completely backlit. Another thing to note about keypads is that you can combine keypad with components for multiple functionalities and feel, again based on your needs. Similar to the handle with pushbuttons you are able to brand your controller however it would be by specific design. 

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