OEM Controls Announces New Website Launch

After much thought and discussion all of us at OEM Controls has decided that it’s time to make our website work better for YOU. Our current site has been great to us and has truly helped our business grow and provide the professional support our clients need. However, our new site will feature aspects that make it easier for you to get where you need to go and answer your questions as quickly and easily as possible.


The new OEM website will have a clear direction of where you need to go when you get to the site based on your needs. You will then be able to access all of our available products, but please keep in mind that what you see is not all that you can get. OEM can customize any controller to fit your needs and specifications so if you don’t see what you are looking for just give us a call and one of our sales reps will be able to further assist you.


Website 2.0-1


The newest feature that we are excited to share is the ability to filter through our product list so you can find what options are available within your needs or wants. You will now be able to filter by:

  • Controller type
  • Axis
  • Size
  • Handle Options
  • Mechanical Operation
  • Electrical Output
  • Gates
  • And more!

Another feature that we are excited to share is the SketchPad. The Sketchpad allows you draw and design the custom controller you are looking to get and then submits your sketch to our engineers and sales team….from there an OEM team member will be in contact with you to make sure we fully grasp all aspects of your sketch and discuss options as to how we can make that happen for you. If your skill set lacks in drawing, don’t worry! You can upload a picture of an existing product you have and then draw any other features you want on that image or you can choose from one of our provided controller outlines and work off of that.


We really hope that our new site works better for you.

Keep an eye out for this big change. We will be showing it off at ConExpo to all who will be attending.

Once our new site design is live please let us know your thoughts!

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