Coronavirus' Affect on Production

OEM Controls Inc. would like to take this time and discuss the COVID-19 (current coronavirus) outbreak. As the number of coronavirus cases continues to increase within and outside of China, we want to be transparent on how this may have an effect on OEM Controls Inc. delivery performance. 


As per today, we have not experienced any slowdown with our production. Our domestic distributors carry the majority of our parts and components needed for fulfilling orders. Most of our external suppliers sourcing from China also have warehouses in Europe and other locations and are therefore able to upkeep a steady flow of components for our production. 


Due to the unpredictable evolution of the COVID-19 outbreak, there may however be disruptions in supply chains that could affect us at a later date. OEM Controls, as well as its suppliers, work consciouslyto avoid any disruptions and we continue to monitor the progression of the outbreak closely. 


OEM Controls' purchasing department is in close contact with its suppliers to regularly gain updated status and information of any changes that may have potential impact to the delivery of components to us in the future. As of today, the main concern is due to China’s forwarding and transportation companies being unable to resume normal operation. We are preparing for alternative solutions in case this is needed.


If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact your Sales Associates via their normal contact information or feel free to email us at You can also call us at 203-929-8431. 

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