Custom vs Customized Joysticks & Handles

After over 50 years in business, many know OEM Controls for our ability to design joysticks and handles to suit your requirements and needs. We pride ourselves on this feature that we offer because it truly allows for optimum functionality, performance, and productivity. We wear this pride on our sleeves through our slogan "Custom Solutions in Motion. However, we don't just create CUSTOM joysticks we can also design a CUSTOMIZED joysticks. Although it may sound like the two are the same, both options differ in many ways. Let's take a minute to review the capabilities of each so you know what we have to offer and what options you have when building your joystick handle with us. 

To start simple, we like to define "Customized" as personalized which allows for virtually unlimited configuration. Customization is based off existing product options such as components, size, shapes, etc. These are standard off the shelf products that can be configured to meet your needs for your equipment functionality. On the other hand we define "Custom" as branded where you can can determine design and development. Custom allows you to brand products as your own using your exact specifications from build to complete. With these you can add your logo and your product design will be ownable. The choice is yours and is simply dependent on what you are looking for out of your joystick controller. Our sales team can work with you to determine which route is best for you and help you get started!

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CONTACT US to speak with a trained representative who can help you decide what the right product is for your specific needs. OEM Controls has the capabilities to completely customize a design to fit your requirements. Our team can work with you to build your ideal joystick controller.



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