Custom Solutions In Motion: Multi-Function Grip Handles With Keypads

OEM Controls has been working tirelessly in engineering to expand our line of push buttons. One of our designs remedy the problem of a limited life span that most mechanical buttons have. Customized keypads are switch contacts used to complete electrical circuits in a variety of products and applications.They are unique compared to other alternative standard switches on the market due to their low profile, small footprint, long life expectancy, and a variety of sizes and actuation forces available. 

It is well known that buttons wear out over time wear and tear just takes its toll on them. The customized keypads are built to withstand that deterioration. The actuators make the buttons extremely reliable by extending the lifespan and by providing a joystick that the operator does not have to look at while operating the machine. These are similar to the buttons on a television remote. By using these buttons you can have more functions in a joystick. For instance, the keypads allow us to add more buttons to the joystick than using regular push buttons. Implementing these buttons into your joystick will ensure maximum efficiency. The material and shape allows the buttons the be durable while being able to sustain a tactile feel. 

Not only do these buttons permit for a high life cycle, but they also let you create a completely custom handle. Adding these buttons to your joysticks makes it even more rugged. The actuators are better protected from the elements and debris in comparison to regular push buttons. This is a market proven product with billions approving. OEM Controls intends to provide our customers with only the best high quality, effective products to function on their equipment so that they can be a leader in the industry. 



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