Introducing the OEM Compass!

OEM Company Compass

As in the four directions of a controller or points on a compass, the OEM compass not only points out our most important values to keep us in the right direction, but it’s also an important feature of our identity. Together, the four points are Company, Customer, Community, and Customization. Throughout our 50+ years of business, each of the four points play a major role in how we operate. Without each of these points, we could not exist or grow.

Our Company is the product of our employees’ hard work and dedication. Without them we wouldn’t have the ability to produce high quality, completely customizable controllers.

Our Customers are why we’re here. We provide our customers with controllers that meet their requirements as well as controllers that are extremely reliable regardless of the environment they will be used in. Knowing that our customers put their trust in us propels our dedication to provide custom solutions in motion.

Our Community is very important to us. We are continuously active in participating in our local community as well as the manufacturing and engineering community as well. We are doing what we can to facilitate and promote the growth of our communities.

Our Customization is what sets us apart from the rest. Not only with our products, but with our processes as well. Our controllers are tailored to suit your specifications and requirements from the electronics all the way to the handle. Our processes are based on lean manufacturing and continuous improvements to ensure we create the efficiencies internally as well as fair and customizable relationships with our customers.

The new OEM compass displays the most important parts of our company and the drivers behind what we do every day. We are proud and excited to introduce it to the rest of the world!

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