Ergonomic Handles: An OEM Solution

OEM Controls creates our products with the future in mind. OEM's ergonomic handles are designed to last and make the job easier for your team of operators. Our goal is to create a product that resolves the issues you have faced in the past and prevent problems from occurring in the future. The more ergonomic a controller is, the less likely the operator is to feel fatigue in their hands. 

OEM has a large line of various handle designs that are all ergonomic. So what makes a joystick ergonomic? The shape. It all comes down to the build of the product. The way your hand can rest on it, the arc, the aspects that make it comfortable while maneuvering all play a role in how the design makes it ergonomic. You want to put your wrist and hand in the most natural position it is supposed to be in. If you are operating using a handle that doesn't feel natural to hold then problems can arise down the line. 

OEM has handles of all different shapes and sizes depending on how much functionality is needed. We have the ability to design new as well. Whatever look or feel you need, we can do. Our aim is to solve your problems and provide customized solutions. Sometimes in order to do so we need to design a new product to fit your needs. OEM Controls can create rapid prototypes in a 3D print that gives the customer an actual feel that can actually be mounted to determine best fit, form and function while operating the machine. From there we will go into production to make the perfect handle. 

To find out more about our ergonomic handles, contact our professional sales team directly. They can answer all your questions about customization, how many push buttons can fit on a controller, and anything else that may come to mind to help make your experience and decision easier. 




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