Custom Solutions in Motion: Helping Make Composting Easy

Composting is an extremely important facet of waste management. Compostable waste is organic waste that can be decomposed and recycled to make nutrient-rich fuel for the soil. Compost is made from food waste, fruits, vegetables, breads, milk, cheese, paper products, grass, leaves, and more. This decomposed organic matter can effectively be used in many different applications such as erosion control and is also used as an organic fertilizer. 

The compost turner introduces fresh air into the compost to provide high quality compost. The introduction of oxygen helps to speed the decomposition process. It allows you to properly aerate and mix the compost in a matter of minutes. A compost turner works better than a shovel or pitchfork by letting you get deep down into the soil to blend the nutrients and products thoroughly. 

OEM Controls builds products that make the function of the compost turner possible. OEM Controls' products steer the compost turner, control the throttle, and adjusts the height of the machine as well as the tiller drum which ensures that no matter the size of the pile of compost, the compost turner can increase or decrease its height. Our customized products can help make composting a simple task and allows a single operator to get the job done all without coming into direct contact with the compost, because let's face it - most of us would rather not dig around in that mix. 

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