OEM Controls Sponsored Robotics Team Competes In World Championship

 The Shelton High School Robotics Team recently completed its 18th season by competing against 600 teams from around the world in the FIRST Robotics World Championship in St. Louis, Missouri. They finished as division finalists, and scored the highest number of goals of any team in the process.

The Gaelhawks, Team 230, consist of about 30 Shelton High School students mentored by engineers from OEM Controls and other nearby technology companies. They are one of 3100 teams from across the globe participating in the FIRST Robotics program.

The team’s latest robot, Talon XVII was built specifically to play this year’s challenge and is their most technologically advanced machine to date. It has a fast 4-motor, 6-wheel drive chassis with gyro enhanced stability control, a powerful all electric catapult, and an automatic optical targeting system.

For information on Stronghold, this year’s challenge:



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