OEM Controls, Part II

The 70’s was a turbulent decade. It was the beginning of the Watergate Scandal, a terrorist attack occurred at the Olympic Games in Munich, and the Iranian militants seized the United States Embassy in Tehran and held hostages. However, through all of the bad, Mr. Simons was still able to rise above and grow his company! In 1971, Mr. Simons relocated his custom designed electro hydraulic controller business from Westport, Connecticut to Norwalk, Connecticut to help accommodate his growing staff from 4 to 37 employees and also introduced many new products. New products included models of foot pedals, joysticks, and chair systems. Some of those new products were purchased by Krause in 1973 and Manlift in 1975. Also, Mr. Simons introduced the first Electrohydraulic Valve in 1978!

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