New Product Release: EMM10-30

We are excited to announce the release of the new Energy Management Module! The EMM10-30 was developed for a customer who was experiencing large transient voltage spikes produced by aging alternators of retrofitted equipment. The EMM10-30 allows 10 amps of current to flow through it while capping voltage at 30VDC to give protection to voltage sensitive valve driver modules and electronics. Any transient voltage above 30 volts is immediately directed to ground. If this voltage is sustained for an extended period of time and draws more than 10 amps, it is protected by an automotive style fuse that is readily available at any hardware or automotive parts store.

The EMM10-30 is the first specific product of its type to be engineered and manufactured at OEM Controls. While other products when combined can accomplish what the EMM10-30 does within the industry, we believe it is the first customized solution of its type as we can configure it to meet other levels of protection and/or suppression. 

Our mission here at OEM Controls is to provide our customers with custom solutions for controller requirements and help resolve or prevent issues that may occur. The Energy Management Module EMM10-30 is just another example of our customer focus with custom solutions in motion. 



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