MG25 L&R Handles

 OEM Controls, the leader in design and development of electrohydraulic controllers since our establishment in 1966 is proud to present its newest multi-function grip handle, the MG25 (shown to the left mounted on the HJS8 joystick base). This rugged grip handle is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions with tongue and groove gaskets as well as hardened composite plastic with fade and discoloration resistance along with extreme temperature and water resistant characteristics.

In addition, the MG25 Multi Grip handle is also a product in which can be customized with potentiometers, hall effect micro-controllers, rocker switches, and push buttons. The below diagram illustrates all the potential locations for required components (industry standard push buttons are shown to give a general understanding of dimensional possibilities) as well as the overall dimensions.

Moreover, the MG25 Multi-Grip Handle emphasizes many ergonomic factors which makes OEM stand out from the competition. Note that there are two base grip variations; the MG25L (left hand) and MG25R (right hand). To get a better view of the handles, simply click on the image below.

For additional information or specific configuration questions, send us an email at or give us a call at (203) 929-8431 and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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