Custom Solutions in Motion: Helping Keep Our Water Ways Clean

Marine litter is a very serious environmental issue. Over six million tons of debris enter the world’s oceans every year. Every day, ships throughout the world discard 5.5 million pieces of debris into the oceans. If that doesn’t make you cringe, just remember that there is an island of garbage twice the size of Texas inside the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California.

OEM Controls’ products can be found on machines that function to remove litter and debris as well as remove navigational hazards from lakes and rivers. Find our custom solutions in motion on specialized boats manufactured for weed cutting and litter removal from lakes and rivers. According to statistics, most garbage in the water doesn’t float at the surface but instead is usually found 4 feet beneath the surface. As you would assume, this makes retrieving the garbage next to impossible. However, no need to fret, the litter retrieval boat solves this dilemma. The boat retrieves the garbage as well as navigational hazards such as large branches or logs. A pickup conveyor located at the front of the machine dips into the water and collects debris while conveying it into a storage hold area. In addition to the litter removal boat, you can also find OEM Controls’ products on a weed cutter boat. Similar to a lawn mower, it trims vegetation in the water. This boat also has a pickup conveyor that is fitted with cutter bars to cut the vegetation. The weeds are then conveyed to a storage area on the boat until it returns to shore.

OEM Controls has tailored controllers for both of these applications. Our products function to propel and steer the boats that are working their magic on our lakes and rivers. They also control all the augers for conveying the garbage and vegetation up onto the boat and out of the water. Our controls make these daunting tasks simple and easy by enabling a single operator to control all functions of the boats without coming into direct contact with the litter and weeds. Seeing our products at work for the benefit of us all and of our environment is what OEM Controls is all about. We are proud that we can assist in keeping our environment clean.

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