Fan Reversal Module

OEM Controls, a leader in the design and development of electrohydraulic controllers and control systems for almost fifty years, announces the Fan Reversal Module.

The features and benefits for this specific application goes above and beyond any product on the market today. For instance, the fan reversal module is designed to keep the electric cooling fans clear of debris by periodically reversing the direction of the fan for a short time period. Because of this, it allows the product to have a greater lifespan and also allows the end user to continue with their application without any delays!

In addition, it uses the latest low on-resistance metal-oxide-semiconductor-field-effect-transistor (MOSFET) to control large electric fans drawing up to 30 amperes while generating very little heat.

Also, the fan reversal module can withstand immersion in water because the PCB is fully encapsulated in a silicone potting material. Moreover, the internal microcontroller has ability to be programmed to meet the customers timing requirements, giving the customer full control at their fingertips!

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