Shelton Day 2015

On October 4th, 2015, OEM Controls accompanied the Shelton High School Robotics Team to Shelton Day, an annual street fair, as a part of the team’s community outreach program. The robot was built as a collaborative effort between OEM Engineers and the team as a technology demonstrator! Together they used elements from our hall effect/CANbus products along with other features to develop a functioning robot prototype.

The Shelton High School Robotics Team recently finished their 17thyear of participation for Robotics Competition! Many of the competitions can vary with distance, as the team has travelled to Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, Georgia, Louisiana, and Las Vegas just to name a few!  In addition, the Robotics Team has won numerous awards for their outstanding achievements while at the same time, giving back to the Shelton community and participating in many community outreach programs. Shelton Day was a prime example in which Shelton residents were pleased to learn of OEM’s award winning program!

During this time, OEM Controls continues to be a major supporter with the Shelton High School Robotics Team, and the relationship will continue to grow for many more years to come! We are very proud of what the students have learned and achieved, and will continue to be by their side to assist them in the near future!

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