New Thumper Solenoid

OEM Controls New Design “Thumper” Solenoids for our Drum Rotation Indicator (DRI) and Machine Feedback Systems

OEM Controls has been providing Drum Rotation Indicator (DRI) and Machine Feedback Controllers and Systems with “Thumper” solenoids since the early 1990’s. Much like the rest of the industry, we utilized solenoids that were readily available with limited ability for customization. Their primary purpose was for coin returns or other low frequency vibratory feedback – not ideal for off-highway machine use. Our experience dictated to create a better solution for our customers!

 The new “Thumper” solenoid is a custom designed part based on form, fit, and function of existing solenoids with backward compatible enhanced endurance and performance. Many changes have been made with the new thumper solenoid, including improved materials and construction, an internal retaining plunger, a spring guide and bearing protrusion to keep springs in alignment, expanded egress ports for lead wires, and so much more!


The new uni-body design is built to last, with superior mechanical and tolerances. In addition, the solenoid consumes 37% less power while performing at a high, consistent level. Because of the improved magnetic efficiency, the solenoid allows higher resistance coils to match the resistance of older designs.


With the high performance and high heat bobbin material, the solenoid can withstand superior temperatures and maintain high quality performance. The new integrated design incorporates the bearing/spring guide into a single custom bobbin, providing superior mechanical alignment and bearing surface.


Finally, improved coil connections and end-cap design provides increased wiring protection from damage due to chafing and pulling.


This is just another example of the design improvements OEM Controls undertakes to ensure long life and reliability in the products we provide!


Technical Specifications:

Mechanical Lifetime/Endurance Rating 75 million cycles (minimum)
Rate (Recommended for best performance) 15Hz @ 6ms on-pulse
Duty Cycle 9%
Handle Compatibility RG; DIH; MG3,6,9,10,25,26
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