The New Wave: Micro Controllers

I wanted to provide you with a brief overview of our latest micro controller additions. S9 is a single axis hall effect devise similar to the MS10 controller, but smaller in mounting dimensions.  Made primarily as a component to put into our MG multi-function grip handles, the device is a sensor only unit.   Requiring a 5v regulated supply, it will provide .5-4.5v output.  25° lever travel from center in both directions.  Rugged construction for 5 million operations mechanically. IP67 boot protection from above and coated electronics for protection below. The S9 also has a redundant sensor technology with over voltage to 20VDC and short circuit protection.

The HP1 is a hall effect push-button designed for long-life (> 1Millon) ON-OFF operation and incorporate positive tactile feedback to clear actuation.  Requiring 5v supply, the ON position provides 4.5Vout at a maximum 100mA.  Mounting is similar to contractor type push buttons used in our industry.  The HP2 is our proportional hall effect push button.  Again 5v supply and provide .5 – 4.5v.  Button travel is nearly ¾ of an inch providing exceptional proportional feel for a push button assembly.  Both the HP1 & HP2 are IP67 rated and redundant sensor technology with over voltage to 8.5V and short-circuit protection.

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