MG26 Multi-Grip Handles

OEM Controls, the leader in design and development of electrohydraulic controllers since our establishment in 1966 is proud to present its newest multi-function grip handle, the MG26! This Multi-Grip Handle is a universal “grip” handle in which can be customized using a combination of potentiometers, rocker switches, and push buttons just to name a few.

Even extreme temperatures are no match for the MG26, as we manufactured this handle to withstand harsh environmental conditions! With its optimizing comfort, convenience, and performance, this handle will enhance your creativity to put more on the joystick all at the operator’s fingertips!

The features and benefits for these handles are truly incredible! The material used for these handles are Nylon 66, known for its high mechanical strength and superior resistance! Also, these handles can be equipped with 10 actuators (4 proportional push buttons, 3 rocker switches, or 3 proportional sliders). In addition, with an expected operations life of 10 million, these handles are designed to perform with your application for the long haul!

Furthermore, the operating temperature can range from -40°C to 70°F! These handles are also gasketed for water spray protection as well as drain holes. By adding in these features, it will help support the durability of the handles and will also prevent wear and tear regarding the mechanicals of the handles!

To request additional information or more product specifications, please call (203) 929-8431 or send us an email at and we will be glad to assist your needs!

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