JS2 and JS3 Multi Axis Controllers


Product Description

These rugged, dependable and versatile controller are capable of single, dual or three-axis operation (JS3 only). Switches and potentiometers can be operated in each axis. The JS2 utilizes heavy duty, double break N2 switches; up to 12 per axis. The JS3 is recommended for electrohydraulic proportional valve control, multiplexed or fiber optic electronic boards. Options include detented, friction held, or spring returned-to-center operating levers.

js2 js3 multi axis controllers


  • Mechanical Life: > 1 million cycles
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +70°C
  • Number of Detent Positions: 1-5
  • Handle Deflection: 80° (center to full: 40°)
  • Total Potentiometer Rotation: 288°
  • Contact Rating: Type N2 2amp at 250VDC, Type v3 10amp at 125VAC, Type V3 10amp at 24VDC
  • Degree of Protection: IP54 above panel
  • Number of Microswitches: 8 each axis

js2 js3 bulletin

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IB Multi Axis Controllers

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js2 js3 mounting

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js2 js3 parts

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