Dual Value Driver Board


Product Description

For distributors who carry not only Pulsar valves, but also any other proportional PWM valve, this PWM board can be easily converted from dual coil Proportional Duty Cycle applications to Proportional Current applications.


  • Power Supply: 9V-32V
  • Command Input: Either Potentiometer (10kΩ non-CT) or Voltage (0.5V to 4.5V)
  • Max Output Current: PWM: 4 Amps each; PDC: 3 Amps each
  • Frequency: PWM: 33 Hz-250 Hz; PDC: 33 Hz or 63 Hz - jumper selectable
  • Current Regulation: < 5% error
  • LED:Illuminated when PCB is active also used for assisted potentiometer centering
  • Mounting Direct: EMS4, EJS3, RS; Remote for all other controllers
  • Protection: Reversed power supply, Output blocking diode, Short circuit, Thermal
  • Operating temperature: -40C to +70C
  • Full Moisture protection: Silicone based conformal coating; EMC protection = CE rating



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